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Discussion in 'Player Events' started by _Bill_, May 17, 2018.

  1. _Bill_

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    Hi there, Bill here with a little event.

    So as you might have seen, I've started a project to build a park for the server. Basically it'll be a non-profit park that will have a few rides, be a place to host events, and just be a nice chill place.
    At the moment I'm building a pirate themed area, but I need help haha! (on a side note, this help is also needed outside of this competition)

    So here's a little competition for you, starting today build anything you like on the theme of Pirates. The build can be big small, weird, funky, pretty, whatever style you like, this is not a serious build, just have a go ahaha.

    Basic rules, I'll give people until the end of the month, (17th today-31st or 14 days) I can extend this.
    Build however big you like or small, a small detailed build can often be more effective :D. Only 1 rule, build it yourself, take a few screenshots of you actually building it, I'll know if you just download a schematic from internet.

    Do it in singleplayer, use World Edit (i'm getting better at we so pm me if you want help), use schems, its all good. Once you are done, pm me some screenies on discord, and a panel of judges will decide the winner :D.

    The Prize atm stands at
    £1 Million,
    Xerneas (courtesy of Wolv <3)
    but maybe get boosted up in the near future.
    Leave a comment if ya wanna join in.

    Gl and hf- Bill out.
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  2. wolvercotewonder

    wolvercotewonder Well-Known Member

    i'll add an xerneas as a prize
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  3. Puddle5672

    Puddle5672 Your Boy

    I will add a necrozma o/
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  4. Hugamouse

    Hugamouse Zman'sTheMurderer

    A contest I can actually enter! :D Cause I'm not hosting xD
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  5. _Bill_

    _Bill_ Active Member

    Thank you <3 <3
  6. Mousemonster

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  7. sparta83

    sparta83 Well-Known Member

    This actually looks like a really fun idea
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  8. EnderGian

    EnderGian Well-Known Member

    I'll join, i did make an easter egg everyone will notice there XD
  9. Puddle5672

    Puddle5672 Your Boy

    something came up with the necrozma. Will replace it with level 5 cobalion
  10. DarkVampy2017

    DarkVampy2017 FirstFairyTailGuildMaster Staff Member Mod

    I'll toss in three shiny pokemon, dont know which ones they will be but i'll send them to you tomorrow bill whenever I am on <3
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  11. _Bill_

    _Bill_ Active Member

    Hi there little update, wondering how everyones getting on, if anyone needs more time or whether people are good to submit stuff!! I'm very busy over the next week but it should quieten down for me (msg me on discord if ya need anything)
  12. Hugamouse

    Hugamouse Zman'sTheMurderer

    which bill is you on discord