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    Hello, my name is Lennert and I'd like to apply myself as the/a Psychic Gym leader
    Personal Information
    my name is Lennert and I am 14 (ALMOST) 15 years old, I live in Holland (The Netherlands) and my timezone is: Central European Summer Time (CEST).
    What is your IGN and your Ingame-Play time?
    My InGameName is ''lennertnl'' and my InGamePlayingtime is: 5 days, 10 hours and 30 minutes at the time I am writing this.
    How many Gyms do you currently host for the server?
    At the moment I am a leader of the FIGHTING GYM.
    Are you an active user of discord?
    Talking about the server of Pokeverse, a little bit, I am using discord especially with friends.
    Have you ever been banned/jailed
    I have never been any of them.
    What Pokemon will you be using for each team?
    The Pokemon I want to use in the gym are: Mewtwo, Metagross and gardevoir.
    Why should we accept you as an OmniLeader ?
    What does being a Gym Leader, including OmniLeader, mean to you?
    I have already done this in my previous apply :p
    This was my application to become the/a psychic gym leader.
    I hope I will get a chance for my second gym :)
    Thank you for reading and have a good one.
    Greets: Lennert Bouman.
    Want to contact me?
    Gmail: [email protected]
    IGN: lennertnl
    I am part of the Discord server as: LennertNLGaming
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    ahoy o/
    you are already a gym leader so you dont have to make another application, just pm Laranlior or one of the admins on discord your team!
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    Moving to accepted as you requested via discord and were added :) Good luck in your battles.