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    You are accountable for your account's actions. If someone else has access to your account, even accidental access, and uses it to break server rules, we will still take action against your account. If, for instance, a sibling of yours uses the account to grief our server, you will still be held accountable for that grief.

    the server
    EnglishMilkman and SonyXPeriaM
    2018/07/13 00:10
    Why you think we should lift the punishment for you: i really love to play on pokeverse and i have came far on it i made a village with my friends and i was going to pay for a rank but i dont have paypal :(. i know xray is a really bad thing to do and i really dont know what i was thinking by installing xray. i knew what it was cant lie on that one but i didnt really knew the consquences was of it and now that i have felt the consquences i feel wery WERY SORRY about it. i know i lied first to the staff that i didnt use xray but i did that because i was scared and i didnt whant to get banned :(. i really do love the community and the server and i really hope you can understand me i am really sorry :(
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    You are unbanned, please don't use cheats on the server as they result in bans