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    What Sever: This offense took place on the pokeverse pixelmon server
    Type of Appeal: A ban for duping items
    IGN: KingClawz
    Punishment Reason: I was punished because the players accused me of duping EM Blocks, saying i dropped them at spawn and also said i had 3 million dollars
    Issuer-er: ~Demon
    Date/Time: 5:50 pm
    Why should punishment be lifted: The players had accused me of duping EM Blocks, i didn't dupe anything, i do however agree to having 3 million dollars, which i had received from a friend who duped the money in, i didn't think much of it because he just sent me 3 million and it was 3 million so i was like(hell yeah!), i was scared when they said i had 3 million so i sent it to some random person through the use of TAB, i just didn't want to get banned for having 3 mil and 1 hour play time so i lied and said i never had it. Since i had 3 mil it wasn't hard for the other players to believe i was duping EM blocks. I didn't dupe anything, i don't even know how to dupe items. I will take the a punishment for the retain of 3 million dollars illegally but i didn't know and even or think about it being illegal. I'm sorry for having the money, but i really enjoy your server(even though i played for one hour), also if you do please take the Articuno, i bought this with the 3 mil. Please consider my appeal, thank you -KingClawz
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    Accepted make sure that if someone gives you something that has been obtained illegally that you inform a staff member asasp, even if they are your friend.