/condense implementation + Golden Nuggets In /Warp Shop

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    Many of you may know that pigman farms are a nice way of making money.However, selling the golden nuggets is a tideous task; therefore, the condense command should be added. Condense is a single command that converts the golden nuggets into golden ingots instantly. If this cannot be added, you should be at least able to sell golden nuggets in the shop. Please let me know what you think about this idea.
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    Actually, I believe Minecraft 1.12.2 has an auto crafting feature. If you see that little green book every time you are in a crafting table it shows you which items you can make with whats in your inventory. You can only make 1 stack of items at a time, but it is still way easier than crafting normally. This is what I use for my gold farm, although it does not yield as much as I would like.
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    yup. Just press the green book and shift click on the ingots. It'll immediately make an entire stack