Donators should still receive a Shiny Key at 12 hours along with Regular

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Do you guys agree with this?

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  1. Liem Luu

    Liem Luu New Member

    I believe that a player that donated should still be able to receive the title " Regular" and a shiny key. It is not fair to donators that they did not recieve their rewards, just because they donated. We already recived the rewards of the donation, but we are still entitled to the rewards. The players who have not donated received the the title and key at 12 hours. I have been playing and looking forward to the key. I believe that everyone, even donators should still be able to gain the rewards at 12 hours. Thank you
  2. Hugamouse

    Hugamouse Zman'sTheMurderer

    That really was an unintentional side effect of the ranks, since donator ranks replace your regular ranks. If you didn't receive a shiny key due to this issue, just pm me (hugamouse) or another smod+ in game to get the key :)
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  3. Liem Luu

    Liem Luu New Member

    I really appreciate this hugamouse, Thank you.
  4. Puddle5672

    Puddle5672 Your Boy

    Does this mean I can finally get a shiny key after a year? o_O
  5. EnglishMilkman

    EnglishMilkman Want some MILK ?

    does this mean i can get my key after like 46 days played :rolleyes::cool:
  6. Hugamouse

    Hugamouse Zman'sTheMurderer

    You guys played BEFORE it existed :^)
  7. Puddle5672

    Puddle5672 Your Boy

    So that’s still fair then =P
  8. spitfire490

    spitfire490 Well-Known Member

    I'm not fine with the 12hr rank because it is not that hard to play for 12hrs if your pushing for the 12 day kit to that's were its crossing the line because the kit should be treasured for those who played before donating like me #vet nation
  9. pokerman99

    pokerman99 Well-Known Member

    If people donate to support the server before they play for 12 hours to get regular I fully believe they should still be rewarded. I'll be working on how to fix this for the near future.
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  10. spitfire490

    spitfire490 Well-Known Member

    If possible can donors with proof of having veteran rank before donating get veteran rank back? Or is it a no we cant becouse ik a few have it.