Drag is back? (That rhymes)

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    Hey guys Drag here!

    I know many of you havent seen me online in a while and it happened without an announcement, I wanna apologize for that, but I have had a pretty rough time with myself as a person and school. But I don't wanna talk too much about what happened last year, I'm past that stage of life now. I wanna tell you guys Ill be playing more active again! Ive been online for the last few days and Ive seen a lot of new players, I hope we can get to know eachother a little better in the future! :)

    PS: I love Shiny Politoed

    PPS: Building is the thing I like to do in Minecraft

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  2. Madsi6

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    Welcome back Draggy~Chan <3 We've missed you and you're always welcome, i hope you're gonna stay for as long as you can and that you will rise from the ashes and shine like a bright phoenix!
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  3. irauhl

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    Welcome Back bby <33333333333333333333333333333333
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    i less then 3 you
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  7. EnglishMilkman

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    Wb Drag <3
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    Hug Buddy!
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