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    Minecraft IGN: BagukanBrawler13 (Also known has Traz)
    Location and timezone: CET +1
    Age (age 12 minimum): 13
    How much in-game play time do you have (type /ru check - minimum 24 hours required): 39 days and 14 hours
    Are you an active user of Discord (yes/no): Yes
    What Elite Four position are you applying for: Flying
    Have you ever been banned/jailed (yes/no) (if yes, why): i have never been banned
    Why should we choose you to be an Elite Four Leader? (200 words MINIMUM):
    Hi, Well you see i`m applying for E4 flying gym. The reason i want to battle is to really have fun it`s something thats funny and serious at the same time in my opinion. Currently i am a Water gymleader i find it fun and exciting, i have a lot of experience about pokemon moves, stats, the pokemon itself and what its good at. Though i have still things to learn! my knowledge about battles i would say is good but can be better and i`m trying and doing my best to do that. I wouldnt say i`m the best at following the rules sometimes i admit that but i think i`m improving on getting mature, to be honest i myself think i`m a bit immature but i will try and do my best to improve that i understand that i have been in fair number of incidents but i will not or try to get involved to much. I love battling people its fun to get beaten and beat people i would say myself that i would tell and help them on tips and things like that. I think being a gymleader means to beat and teach people how to battle and help them improve and maybe next time they will beat you. I just think i`m mature enough and i will keep it or improve it and i think i might be able to be a E4 flying gymleader (may sound a bit self-fish sorry). I totally understand if this gets denied i accept that and respect it though i might re-apply after sometime when i think and have the courage to do it.

    Sincerely, Traz
  2. TrazerLazer

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    Ok so i totally forgot to mention sorry about that, I have beaten every gym whit 1 team. and i will try and beat E4 but me and huga doesnt exactly have the same timezone and there isnt anyone yet whitout counting huga. Oh i forgot that too sorry, i think my team is well made and doesnt have any cheap tactics, i`m currently EV training my own team but by the time this is either accepted or denied i will be done
  3. TrazerLazer

    TrazerLazer Well-Known Member

    Ok, i have ev trained my team full its done though i need 1 mega stone but i think ill be getting it soon :)
  4. TrazerLazer

    TrazerLazer Well-Known Member

    I`m a Water Gymleader.
  5. Madsi6

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    Good luck o/
  6. Hugamouse

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    Please also send E4 teams to gamefish32#3200 on Discord* new little requirement :D
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    Due to prior circumstances, unfortunately this application has been declined, please improve your maturity in-game as well on Discord before choosing to reapply.
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