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    Hello everyone!
    It is time for my second player event!
    I have decided to build an escape room for all of you guys to figure out how to solve!

    The Event will be taking place on Sunday, July 15th at 1 p.m. Central (2 p.m. Eastern).

    The event will consist of teams of 3 that will compete against each other for the best times!
    You WILL be able to choose your own teammates!

    Before I tell you all the rules, here is a backstory to the room I built:

    You and your crew were exploring an abandoned dungeon when you were captured by members of the Zman clan! They took you back to their hideout and detained you in a prison cell. After a couple days, you manage to pick the lock and escape the cell. Now, all you have to do is is escape the dungeon. Easy. However, there is a twist. You and your crew came to this dungeon to find 2 highly valuable artifacts. In order to escape, you must locate and use both artifacts. If you make it out alive, there may be a reward waiting for you at the end. Good Luck!

    1. No cheating
    2. Do not break or place anything that's not suppose to be.
    3. Have fun!


    1st place team
    100k to each player
    300 Tokens to each player
    Random shiny to each player

    2nd place team
    50k to each player
    150 tokens to each player
    16 Rare Candies to each player

    **Due to there being 3 people on each team, only teams who come in 1st and 2nd will receive an award.

    If you have any questions, message me on discord!
    Hope to see you there!


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    I got this idea from Demonic_Paladin btw :p
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    If you want to join, make a comment with your partners name