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  1. jarno2608

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    Minecraft IGN:

    Location and timezone:
    the Netherlands

    Age (age 12 minimum):

    How much in-game play time do you have (type /ru check - minimum 24 hours required)?:
    9 Days 22 Hours

    Are you an active user of Discord (yes/no)?:

    What gym are you applying for:

    Have you ever been banned/jailed (yes/no) (if yes, why)?:

    What Pokemon are you planning on using, and what level are they?
    All level 40 pokemon:
    • skarmory 96% IVS
    • dragonite 89% IVS
    • thundurus 69% IVS
    I am planning on boosting their IVS.

    Why should we choose you to be a gym leader (100 words MINIMUM):
    I have been playing at Pokeverse for quite some time now and am ready for a new experience, so I would like to become a gym leader, why should I be chosen because I am very active at Pokeverse and I am present almost every day. I enjoy spending my time on the server and treating each player with respect. If I am a gym leader, I would take on as many challenges as possible and make sure it becomes a real challenge. and I want to become a gym leader to get new experiences and want to see more of the comunitie Why ice gym: flying pokemons are my favorite Pokemons I know a lot about them and I know how to counter the opponent
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    Good luck jarno!
  3. Woooooooolf

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    Good luck
  4. gamefish32

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    As we have ended up in a no decision a few times now, I believe that you need to show a bit more maturity and activity in chat before we accept you as a leader, please work on this, and feel free to reapply in the future. If you have any additional questions, feel free to message me on Discord (gamefish32#3200)