Gang wars! (club)

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  1. Akamaru_

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    Heyo everyone!

    So as the title reads there has been an occurrence of horrible gangs joining the network recently! (GASP)
    But, it is all fun and games of course.

    As of now, there appear to be 2 current gangs on the network!

    The best: #SONYGANG or Team Ray

    #SONYGANG consists of


    Members: N/A

    We got the losers of the Zman Cult

    Consisting of the following nerds

    NoisyPoopguin (shots fired noisy don't @ us in the profile posts) o_O

    (fill me in here @NoisyPenguin)
    I believe army is one tho

    That is all

    Recruiting will be done in game :^)

    Good luck friends

    (oh yeah oops)

    The whole focus point is there are two main bases (Club houses) where members can build freely, defense units, armories, and household appliance areas etc such as a kitchen, lounge room, watchtower, cannons, etc, etc, etc,

    Notice how Zman isn't even in his own cult :thinking_face:

    Lastly there is also a "war" field where literally its nothing lol just build 2 big bases next to each other maybe add claims for all and have some kind of battle idk ask the admonz

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  2. NoisyPenguin

    NoisyPenguin Well-Known Member

    Firegecko is one of our leaders aswell .-.
    And aka Sony started this all so dig in for a long fight! Good luck to song gang, you are going to need it

    Our members currently consist of
    Army express

    And some I can’t remember but we are still recruiting!

    snot gang is bribing people to join. I heard that’s not to good for business @SonyXPeriaM

    Also there is a spot open for @zman455 if he ever wants to join :)
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  3. firegecko115

    firegecko115 Well-Known Member

    yes this is disrespect to the cult. there will be consequences for your Weeb
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  4. NyanCats911

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    maybe we could build minigames/events and compete against eachother o_O
  5. werrath

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    gang gang <o/
  6. zman455

    zman455 DefinitelyNotTheMurd

    ummm k then
  7. Puddle5672

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  8. NyanCats911

    NyanCats911 Local PV Skrub Staff Member SeniorMod

    its gr8 dont even deny it
  9. firegecko115

    firegecko115 Well-Known Member

    you know you love it be honest. we are just admiring you XD
  10. NyanCats911

    NyanCats911 Local PV Skrub Staff Member SeniorMod

    its like a fan club! >: )
  11. NoisyPenguin

    NoisyPenguin Well-Known Member

    yea its only for fun
  12. NofriendsNolife

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    hey you won't win against the sony gang kthxbye
  13. EnderGian

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    Sony Gang is the ultimate. #sonyisourlordandsaviourandcoolestpersonintheuniverse. #zmancultsux. #nooffensetozmanjusttothecult
  14. EnderGian

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    I still need to find the zman cult, got some surprises coming > : )
  15. NyanCats911

    NyanCats911 Local PV Skrub Staff Member SeniorMod

    songgang sux ;-;
  16. ForeverAngel

    ForeverAngel AnGeL

    Um hey snot gang remember we have more members then u and u are in for a treat MR MURDER
    #sonygangsux u dont even deserve a uppercase letter XD
  17. ForeverAngel

    ForeverAngel AnGeL

    Good luck you will need it weeb gang aka Crash gang
  18. ForeverAngel

    ForeverAngel AnGeL

    wait why isnt there a huga gang hmm i wonder
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  20. EnderGian

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