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    Hi this is Luck and I'm am saying goodbye. I really don't know how to say this. I have known everyone on the server for a really long time and loved playing with you all.
    I am quitting because I feel I am not a reliable person for anything and I try to stay active but I just can't. I applied for gym leader for the first time on this server because I wanted to gain responsibility and hopefully apply for staff but I have been not very responsible. I applied for gym leader recently and then disappeared for some reason. I am quitting because I have too much going on my life right now. I don't know if I will come back ever but I hope I can. So I thank all of you but these specifically:

    - Hugamouse- one of the best staff members I have ever seen on a server
    - All the other staff members for devoting your time to this server
    - Wolver
    - Nofreindsnolife
    - Mining

    With that all said (I know it wasn't that long), Goodbye Pokeverse members!
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    Aw man, that sucks... But I understand, and I'll always remember playing with you. I hope you come and visit in the future. Bye <3
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  3. DarkVampy2017

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    Goodbye Luck, :( stop by sometime okay? We will all miss you <3
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  4. Hugamouse

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    You'll always be welcome back <3 I hope you gain control of your life, get where you want to be, and are successful in all that you do! If you ever need my advice for anything or just help in general, I'll always be here for ya!
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