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    Hello everyone.

    With the increased activity in the Gym Leaders community, we've decided it would be best to put a small handful of limitations in place to ensure that the Gym Leader community is continuously expanding in all directions, instead of just a select few. This also ensures that possible applicants aren't sitting and waiting for slots to open up if a gym is getting to the point of being 'too full'.

    The new limitations are as follows:

    - From now on, each gym may be occupied by up to 6 gym leaders, NOT including OmniLeaders. Basically, at any given time, excluding OmniLeaders, there may be 6 separate gym leaders for each gym.

    - Starting today, there will be a limit placed on how many gyms you can apply for. This limitation is an easy One Gym Application per Two Weeks.

    Also, its been a silent rule for a while now, but just so everyone is aware moving forward; Gym Leader activity will be monitored. If you are a Gym Leader, and you are gone for more than Two Weeks without notice, you will be removed from your Gym Leader position. If you know you will be gone, please give staff a head's up by messaging myself or any other available staff member. With notice, you will be given a grace period of an extra two weeks. If AFTER TWO WEEKS, you are still inactive, you will be removed from your Gym Leader position in order to give possible new applicants a chance to host the gym.

    You can find a link to the Up-To-Date Gym Rules below.

    For updated information on each Gym Leader and their Battle Rules Policies, please look at the spreadsheet below.
    **(battle rules policies for each gym leader is still being updated; if you are a gym leader and your policy is NOT listed, please message Laranlior either on the server, or on discord with your personal policy on battle rules ASAP)

    We hope you are all enjoying the challenges and trials provided by our gym leaders, and we thank all of the players who volunteer their time to show their skills as one of the gym leaders of the server.

    Thank you all

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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Zeref, Aug 10, 2018.