Gymleader resign and why i quit

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TrazerLazer, Jul 12, 2018.

  1. TrazerLazer

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    Hey the reason i resgined gymleader has because i found it quite boring after some time and i wont be online for quite sometime maybe come online 1 hour or half but i wont be playing has much has i used to do.. i have had some personal issues whit playing to much which made my summer a bit messed up..

    PS: i suck at writing and stuff but i hope you understand me atleast a bit!
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  2. Madsi6

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    We'll miss you trazer <3 and i hope to see you on whenever you're ready, i know the feeling of playing too much which was part of the reason i resigned too. Feel free to visit whenever you want, we'll all be here waiting for whenever you're ready <3 and if you don't get ready don't stress, we'll still be here once you are <3
  3. TrazerLazer

    TrazerLazer Well-Known Member

    thanks mads and i will always likey you and love you <3
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    Trazer kinda sad your leaving. We will always be here for you if something happens. Come back whenever you want :D