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Which of the options do you like the most?

  1. Rare and valuable hidden abilities.

  2. Cheap and common hidden abilities.

  3. I really don't care, i just follow the economy set

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  1. Madsi6

    Madsi6 A derpy man from a derpy place.

    So the past few days a few people has been talking about hidden abilities being too rare and more like monopoly with wealth and stuff like that (won't be naming names for privacy reasons) and some people including me have been dis-agreeing, but now i wanted to hear your voice.
    I will be listing a few different options with pros and cons and i want to hear your opinion on the matter.
    Now this is more to hear what the general community thinks as back in 1.10 hidden abilities were priced quite low with about $25k average, maybe a tad more for the rare ones, and pokemons like froakies going for a few thousands at max, which in my eyes were too cheap.

    So here's the main 2 things that's going back and forth.

    Rarity and high prices:
    Pokemons when they spawn have a 1/150 chance to be hidden ability, a regular ability that's rarely gotten on some pokemons, and in some cases they're amazing like greninja with protean, giving it stab on all of it's moves (changes type to the move you pick) or useless like delibird insomnia (prevents sleep, but it can learn vital spirit that does the exact same thing) and this mainly affects the good ones.

    Keeping them at a high price, and having them be rare, but if people can put in the effort they can be one of the few to have them.

    • Hidden abilties are more valuable, making them worth while to hunt and sell.
    • They're rare, meaning that not many people may have them and you can use a pokemon most people don't have easy access too.
    • It will mean that having alot of hidden abilities will make you have alot of money in pokemons alone and they can be bred.

    • They will be difficult for newer people to get, or those who aren't willing to put in alot of work either hunting or grinding cash.
    • Less people will have access to them for gym battles, making teams not be fully optimal.
    • If you're looking for a hidden ability it may be very tough to get.

    That's my point on it, making them hard to get, and valuable, often making them accessable to those who have the money to purchase them.
    At the current stand they are a bit too rare for my taste, but having experienced 1.10 prices i think this is the better option.

    Cheap and easily accessable:

    This is what they want, having hidden abilities be sold for cheap (atleast cheaper at 10k from what i saw) and make the battle scene more versatile and allows for hidden abilities to not be a limiting factor.

    • You don't have to spend alot of money or time hunting those that have already been found.
    • You can much easier plan teams that feature hidden ability pokemons without having to worry about not being able to afford it.
    • You will be able to give them to people as a gift without the community freaking out (kind of grasping on straws on that one but you get the point)
    • Once you've found one and they've been sold, they're gonna be worth very little.
    • Hidden abilities are only rare until one has been found, then they are gonna be more common.
    • You can't make un-predictable gym teams or tournament teams that well with a hidden ability people didn't expect.
    • Offering hidden abilities for things like irl deals or legendaries aren't gonna impact the deal too much.
    This is what they're talking about, not having the wealthy people have all the hidden abilities and having a monopoly empire.

    That's really all i can think about, i just want to say that i tried to be as un-biased as possible, but it was a bit hard.
    This is not the official end all be all decision, it's still up to the community, and a way for everybody's voices to be heard and what they think, i'll try my best to adjust after the results, and there can be arguements from both sides with one being better and one being worse, but that's not what this thread is about, it's about seeing if people want money and rare pokemons, or cheap and easily accessable :)

    Thank you for reading, i hope this may help settle the dispute that's been going on the last few days.
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  2. NoisyPenguin

    NoisyPenguin Well-Known Member

    My main issue is that people find ha’s and then they hog them charging an absurd amount.

    However, with the information you provide I think making ha’s more expensive and rare would make the game a whole lot better.
  3. EnglishMilkman

    EnglishMilkman Want some MILK ?

    Madsi at the start of 1.10 it was like 100k per ha but as they got more common they were cheaper. I remember paying 150k for a ha talonflame
  4. EnglishMilkman

    EnglishMilkman Want some MILK ?

    In the games you have to grind to find it or trade rare pokemon for it so I feel like this is no different
  5. Cypheri

    Cypheri New Member

    The "situation" here isn't even about the HA Pokemon or the economy. It's about a few people who are NOT staff thinking that they can dictate how others use, breed, sell, or even give away their Pokemon. If it isn't yours, you have no say in how it is used, if it is sold, or for how much it is sold. With the way some particular players are behaving, I'm very tempted to breed a few hundred HA Pokemon of the few species I have and dump them in WT for anyone and everyone to find and enjoy for free. I won't because that would be petty and would slow down my projects, but I will admit to it being a very tempting idea if only just to prove a point. Denying others the right to do as they please with their Pokemon is a really quick way to lose players and potentially gain competitors elsewhere, and I'm reasonably certain that staff doesn't want a few players with elitist mindsets driving away the rest of their players.
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  6. Madsi6

    Madsi6 A derpy man from a derpy place.

    Now while i will agree i have been seeing people turn down selling a ha, i don't think it's dictatorship, it's merely conserving what they have, they may have spendt alot of money or taken alot of time to hunt and just want to appreciate it for themself, and there's nothing wrong with that.
    Regarding me and other people "dictating" what we say are merely our opinion on the matter, and is by no means the final word, if staff don't like the way we handle things they can talk to us and we can figure out a solution to the problem.
    Having been in the community for 9 and a half months i've seen back when the server was in 1.10 what would happen if hidden abilities were widely spread and easily obtainable, it wasn't a challenge, it was money for no work other than time, which we saw not more than a month back with pumpkin farms, so we're trying to make sure the situation doesn't get out of hand like that, of course i do admit personally that alot of this worrying we're doing is making us loose focus and letting almost no ha's being sold, which is of course an issue i hope to see solved in the coming days or weeks, so it's possible to purchase them, however i do think giving them a high price of between 50k-100k is reasonable given that they either have to hunt alot of spend alot of money, which is fair.

    I do want to apologize for my behavior, i got angry that some players "didn't follow the guidelines set in place" which yeah is a bit dictator like in a way, which should never happen, and i would like to apologize from the bottom of my heart to you and rellik, so: I'm terribly sorry for my way of reacting, we should've talked through instead of immediately denying you.
    Now i would also like to personally ask of you to not just hand out hidden abilities whether it's in wondertrade or via gifts, as this will make the eevee prices drop alot, which is not fair to those who spendt alot of money on them, or have taken alot of time to hunt, i do agree more should be in circulation, however i don't think that's the right way to go about it.
    I think since eevee is very useful with it's hidden ability if you can sell them for betweek $25k and $50k it would be more fair to those who really need one, but also to those who put in the effort of obtaining one, however this is just my view of things, if you want you can give them away, nobody can stop you from doing so, i'm just looking at a more long-term plan as there's a chance people may follow afoot and do the same, which will make hidden ability prices drop alot and more easily accessable, not rewarding those who potentially spendt hours, days, weeks or even more to get a pokemon with an ability they need :)
    I do really hope we can find a way to make the economy in place for a long-term plan so a disaster like this won't happen again if we were to have another reset and that prices can be more set between $25k and $100k for the medium to amazing hidden abilities, and not lower than $10k for the bad ones (of course the ones that are very bad or straight up useless may go lower)
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  7. Cypheri

    Cypheri New Member

    I have no problem with HA Pokemon that have been bred nicely and have competitively viable IVs and/or various egg moves holding a med-high price. That is the mark of a good breeder who knows how to maintain their lines and those eggs hold some degree of value. There's a bit of an issue for me with people who manage to get an HA Pokemon and then dump it in a breeder and start trying to charge 100k+ for the first egg with terrible IVs, though. That's not really justifying the price, so I don't agree with just any HA Pokemon being that valuable. Maybe 20k for one with bad IVs, sure, but nothing outrageous. I personally don't like charging at all for an egg with poor IVs because that person is either going to use a sub-par Pokemon or need to put a lot more work in to correct its faults. The ability does not entirely make the Pokemon in my opinion.

    I do think that someone (not Madsi, but no names) berating me for offering a person searching for an HA a free egg (with honestly pretty terrible IVs since that's all I had at the time, as a reward for making me realise I even HAD an HA Eevee) and saying they'll buy it off me for an outrageous price just to stop the other person from getting it is absurd. I never hand out ones with nice IVs for free. I never have on any server I've been a part of, with rare exceptions such as staff giveaways and raffles. I keep the nice eggs for myself and a few close friends who generally don't breed their Pokemon anyway. I have given away several Eevee eggs on this server, but I've only given away two HA eggs out of the 3-4 dozen HA Eevees I've bred so far and one of those was a reward for helping me, as mentioned above. The rest of the ones I couldn't use got "released" (read:deleted) because I didn't want to flood the market unnecessarily. I'm likely to share a few with my friends, but sharing among friends is a separate issue from server economy. They help me in ways other than money, so it's a fair deal regardless of actual money exchanged.

    I'd also like to apologize for being too harsh. I don't want to hurt anyone, but I've seen more than one server crash and burn when a small group of players start trying to control everything and all the new players start leaving. I understand the intent here, but the methods may be a bit misguided and I'm not good at communicating exactly what I mean in active chat the way that communication can happen in a forum post.

    I'm not angry, just frustrated that such small gestures of kindness could get blown so far out of proportion. I truly DO understand how an economy in this game works, but what I'm doing is not going to make any significant impact. I'm not creating a flood. I did kinda want to in order to prove my point, but I won't. A few small gifts released at intervals can actually make people realise that these HA Pokemon are available from breeders and encourage them to seek out sellers. You can't sell HA Pokemon to people who don't know if they're available or to kids who don't even know they exist. You have to take care of your new players just as much as yourself, so sometimes you have to make concessions to help them along. This is even more true when it's a server that caters to a younger audience, because they typically lack the patience to stick around where they're not progressing fairly quickly. A stagnant server is a dying server, and I really don't want to go through that again.

    EDIT: Minor grammar corrections and a small rewording for clarity.
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  8. Shimmyz

    Shimmyz Well-Known Member

    selling ha cincinno 500k
  9. NoisyPenguin

    NoisyPenguin Well-Known Member

    I think that the people who search and find ha's put in a lot of work and when they sell those pokemon, people just abuse it and keep breeding to make a maximum profit. That's where we have our issue.
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  10. EnglishMilkman

    EnglishMilkman Want some MILK ?

    like the issue we had in 1.1o when i player got their hands on a ha froakie and started mass breeding it to the point of they were struggling to sell it for 2k they had done that many
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