Hungry Hungry Hippos!

Discussion in 'Player Events' started by NoisyPenguin, Jun 12, 2018.

  1. NoisyPenguin

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    I will be hosting a pig fishing or hungry hungry hippos event this Saturday at 4 p.m. Central time (5 p.m. Eastern)!

    This game is based off of a mini-game from Hypixel that I thought I could recreate!

    This is how the event will work:

    -There will be 16 spots, 4 spots in each rounds with 4 rounds in total.

    -It will be single elimination.

    -In each of the qualifying rounds, the person who catches the most pigs be the winner and move on.

    -The 4 finalists from each round will compete in a 5th round in order to win rewards.

    The Prizes for this event are:

    1st Place:
    300k, 500 tokens, and an ultra key

    2nd Place: 200k, 250 tokens, and 2 great keys

    3rd Place: 100k, 100 tokens, and a great key

    4th Place: 50k, 50 tokens, and a pat on the back ;)

    If you would like to join this event, comment on this post with your in-game username!
    There is only 16 spots available so sign-up quickly!

  2. firegecko115

    firegecko115 Well-Known Member

    count me in
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  3. Vouche, Count Me In!
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  4. DarkVampy2017

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    I was actually working on making this into a real server game, but seeing as how I wont be around this Saturday, good luck with it! <3
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  5. Pawnboy1

    Pawnboy1 Well-Known Member

    I'll do it, well I'll try to come.
  6. APEGUTT13

    APEGUTT13 Active Member

    i whanna join : apegutt13
  7. Mousemonster

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  8. Hugamouse

    Hugamouse Zman'sTheMurderer

    This is the day I will be on my way home in the car xP I hope you can host it again another time! I'd love to join then ;)
  9. spitfire490

    spitfire490 Well-Known Member

    count me in
  10. NoisyPenguin

    NoisyPenguin Penguin Staff Member Helper

    should i host in a sunday?
  11. Hugamouse

    Hugamouse Zman'sTheMurderer

    I'm just on vacation, so I'll be home normally for the rest of the summer :) It just happened to be this time
  12. Noisy, Sorry about this, ill be busy on saturday so i wont make it
  13. NoisyPenguin

    NoisyPenguin Penguin Staff Member Helper

    Due to not enough people signing up, this event has been postponed. Will release the date and time later! thank you for understanding
  14. irauhl

    irauhl sneaky little fox

    oi why? There will be enough people online on the server due DP. I posted it 2 hours before your event because of that.
  15. NoisyPenguin

    NoisyPenguin Penguin Staff Member Helper

    Ok ill just say it in chat and whoever comes will play