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    10th Feb ~2am

    Built this running platform a couple of weeks ago, before doing so asked in the chat if this was acceptable, got confirmation. Used it for 10 minutes and realised it didn't really help to hatch eggs, and so never used it again ever since. I didn't uninstall it because I didn't have any other use for these speed boosting platforms, so I decided to keep it as an attraction.
    Not saying that I should be un-jailed, just asking to reduce the time of the punishment. Never broke any other rules, Nyaa knows I always consult with her or others mods before building anything that could potentially cause trouble. As I said I got green light for this specific machine. Hoping I can get an amnesty for the first time. Peace.

    P.S: It's a Sunday for me tomorrow, I would really appreciate if I could chill & play some pixelmon before a tough midterm week C:
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    Thank you for taking your time to appeal however that was very clearly an afk machine. Even though you didn't use it, it was still an afk machine and the punishment for one is jail. I'm not sure who told you it was alright to keep that since it could be used by anyone who finds it. I will not be reducing the punishment because it was an afk machine and those are not allowed on the server. I highly suggest you look at the server rules so you can understand more clearly that way something like this doesn't happen again. The jail still counts down while offline so by the time you wake up in the afternoon tomorrow you should be un-jailed. Thank you for taking the time to appeal and have a wonderful day Nyaa~
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