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    I used to play heavily on a server with the jobs plug in. You gain an income from active jobs for doing things for each job. for woodcutting you get money for each log and different logs get different amounts ect. Each job had abilities unlocked at certain levels. As a builder once you hit max level you could hold right clock and chain 7 blocks in a row in a direction. with digging you could right click and clear a 7x7 square of dirt. Little things like that, They made building and other aspect of the game less tedious.
  2. irauhl

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    We have an MMO Plugin, which can help you with cutting wood and mining. After the update, its under construction for now. So it will be in the server again, very soon.
    Also, you can sell your wood and other things at /warp shop if you want to gain money. Or you can make automatic farms which also can help you gain money.
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    I was more looking towards the abilites than the money. The mass digging and block chaining for building was a god send for builders
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    I definitely think that is a neat plug-in! We have many plug-ins already, so it might be difficult to add many more at this point and have it match up with all of the others. However, I will be sure to directly suggest this to the owner, it seems like it could be a fun addition :) Do you know the exact name of the plug-in?
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    The plugin is called jobs reborn.
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    Checked out the plugin site and I remember using it on a server I used to play on. Was a lot of fun and honestly would be a great addition
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    I remember using this plugin on a server before and with the amount of building some people do on this server, it would be a great help.