Just wondering what's bannable

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  1. There are a lot of things that are bannable but arent on the rules.
    -Server lag, I assume that's not legal
    -Discord rules (might wanna add more to those)
    -Excessive swearing
    -Discord argument
    -Discord messages that should be in a private chat
    -Little Kids coming in
    -Griefing (setting a forest on fire)
    Just be a bit more specific, I might plan on being staff so I'm asking
  2. One day I'll be staff xD
  3. muffnn

    muffnn Active Member

    griefing is a-ok
  4. wolvercotewonder

    wolvercotewonder Well-Known Member

    some of those rules are on the discord in the entrance rules i think
  5. Nohragami

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    1. It comes down to common sense. If one is consciously and intentionally causing server lag, then maybe they could get punished. (Question mark?)
    2. Breaking non-specified Discord rules shouldn't get anyone banned. If you do something that isn't specified within the rules, then you probably aren't going to get punished, but this probably has a limit for what one is allowed to do and get away with.
    3. Excessive swearing at the most should always be a mute on the server. I've seen people get banned for saying something inappropriate in chat, but chat restricting people is for the sole person for punishing someone for what they say. I'm pretty sure people are allowed to swear on the Discord, too.
    4. I don't see why arguing with others on Discord can get someone banned. There are probably times when a line can be drawn between yelling/insulting one another, and actually debating about a topic.
    5. PokeVerse I'm pretty sure is for all ages, and mostly kid friendly. I'm sure people on Discord find it justifiable to not swear in front of a young child. This could probably be enforced more on Discord.
    6. Griefing is 100% allowed on the server. Griefing unclaimed land is not hurting much, and griefing other players is also allowed. If they didn't claim their land, or they gave another access to their land, then it's on them if their stuff is ruined.
    *Anyone can feel free to clarify what I said. What I said may not be all true.*
  6. Hugamouse

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    Going along with Nohra, all rules stated on the various official locations must be enforced, but you also must listen if staff says you can or can't do something. They help translate the rules. If you feel like a staff is abusing that ability or not being fair, you may of course come to a senior staff member to discuss it, but before then, respect your fellow players and what the staff say.
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  7. spitfire490

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    slayer the griefing thing is allowed to an extent. like an example being putting lava every were at a village already griefed that is not allowed"bash"
    ik this because I did it so yes there is an extent of griefing also as hug said I suggest getting a recorder if you find a rule breaker and if doing a big grief talk to a few players of staff and a few non players.
  8. NofriendsNolife

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    since when did he enforce any rules
  9. spitfire490

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    he called what I did staff harassment because he had to clean up my mess
  10. Hugamouse

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    Regardless of what Bash did or didn't do, we now have a team who is willing to listen to your sides of the story and help you out, so don't be afraid of us :D
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  11. Luck5t3r

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    when I first started the server about 1 and 1/2 years ago, i claimed my base but someone griefed the outside of my base so the whole outside was flooded with netherrack and lava. I asked if staff could ban the person who did it but they said it was allowed.