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Discussion in 'Trading' started by MNGopher, Sep 8, 2017.

  1. MNGopher

    MNGopher Gopher

    Hey guys im going for kit keys
    My offer-
    8 stacks of Rc's
    Around 1000 tokens
    4 random shinys of my collection
    A stack and a half of Masterballs
    My full lvl 100 team ev trained and all with all 85%+ ivs
    21 ha eevees
    thats my offer let me know if you want more or what. Pm on disc or here if you want to do this
    Thanks MNGopher
  2. Lewis398

    Lewis398 Well-Known Member Staff Member Helper

    21 ha eevee's :p
  3. MNGopher

    MNGopher Gopher

  4. Bear0111

    Bear0111 BatBear Staff Member Mod

    Ill also add 9 stacks of rc
  5. MNGopher

    MNGopher Gopher

  6. MNGopher

    MNGopher Gopher

    Any donations are very much appreciated

    MININGLORD5672 Well-Known Member

    I donate $1 towards this.
  8. Lazi

    Lazi Well-Known Member

    how has no one taken this offer?
  9. Lewis398

    Lewis398 Well-Known Member Staff Member Helper

    because no one has that kind of irl money to spend. its not all about how much someone offers
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