Magma Base Rush!

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    Hey guys! It’s my pleasure to announce to you a new fun and exciting event!​

    The Event is (drumroll) a playthrough of a Team Magma Base!


    Team Magma has done it again! They’ve created a monstrosity to help them with their end-game, to erase all oceans and turn them to earth! To this end they have created a mechanical Groudon that can create deserts at will! We must stop them! If we fail it will mean the end of the world. Maxie himself sits at the top and watches as his plans come to fruition. He must be defeated at all costs!


    This event will begin on August 1st and will end on September 1st.

    The warp to get there is /warp magma


    1: NO commands

    2: NO PokeSnax

    3: Do not glitch through the maze in any way. If you somehow get glitched into somewhere you didn't get to manually you need to warp to the beginning and start again

    4: If your party Pokemon faint, you need to either teleport back to the beginning to use the healer there or backtrack until you find one.

    5: You MUST fight every NPC trainer you come across.

    6: There are hidden surprises throughout the maze, you may take anything inside them!


    (Drops from the NPCs)

    Lots of rare candy

    Several held items

    Super rare items

    Cool decorations

    Rumor has it that Maxie has unlocked the secrets of Primal Reversion.
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Discussion in 'Events' started by Demonic_Paladin, Jul 31, 2018.