MyLittleDinosaur's and Demonic's Tourney!

Discussion in 'Player Events' started by Demonic_Paladin, May 10, 2018.

  1. Demonic_Paladin

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    Rules to this tournament:
    1: 6 pokemon max level 100
    2: Up to 2 legendary pokemon (Mega Rayquaza counts as 2 legends)
    3: No Potions or Revives
    4: Must be Prompt to event time.
    5: Sign up as a reply to this post
    Time of the event: Sunday May 20th @6 PM cst

    32 Master Balls
    HA Eevee
    HA Slowpoke
    3 Shinies of your choice from the pages at the bottom

    16 Master Balls
    HA Slowpoke
    HA Eevee
    2 shinies of your choice from the pages at the bottom

    8 Master Balls
    HA Slowpoke
    1 Shiny of your choice from the pages at the bottom

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  2. Akamaru_

    Akamaru_ Mod

    I think it would be cool if you charged 15-30k per participant and add that to the total prize pool ^^ probably won't be able to attend sadly :/
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  3. Demonic_Paladin

    Demonic_Paladin Active Member

    too bad your entered you replied :p nah jk but that idea is good but too late to use it for this one XD
  4. SonyXPeriaM

    SonyXPeriaM Coffee is love, Coffee is life Staff Member Helper

    i would love to participate, not sure if I'm gonna make it tho so ill let you guys know.
  5. spitfire490

    spitfire490 Well-Known Member

    I was thinking of doing something like this but no legends(mythics and ultrabeast count as legends to me to), no megas, all pokes must be lvl 100(to prevent all fear pokemon), and the basic ou rules but pokes that fit the no legend rule can be in are really being only thing different then your rules. but sighn me up even tho its on a sunday wich sundays and Saturdays are crazy unplanned at my house(#darn parents)
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  6. EnderGian

    EnderGian Well-Known Member

    Might be able to come, if I'm able to get everything set up with my team, though.
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  7. Pawnboy1

    Pawnboy1 Well-Known Member

    Might be able to come as well.
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  8. _Bill_

    _Bill_ Active Member

    i'll be there, sounds fun :)
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  9. Demonic_Paladin

    Demonic_Paladin Active Member

    aight new addition to the rules you can only use 1 pokemon per species. meaning you cant have 2 of the same pokemon (or forms of the same pokemon) in your team.
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  10. MyLittleDinosaur

    MyLittleDinosaur New Member

  11. spitfire490

    spitfire490 Well-Known Member

    high chance gonna be a part of it since my mom is gonna have to be making a final for her students, so add me on the list
  12. MININGLORD5672

    MININGLORD5672 Well-Known Member

    Uh uh team skull. Your boy will try and be here.
  13. Demonic_Paladin

    Demonic_Paladin Active Member

    Notice: signups will close tommorow (friday the 18th) at noon (est) after that you will no longer be able to signup! so if you want to join you better do it fast!
  14. Demonic_Paladin

    Demonic_Paladin Active Member

    RULES UPDATE: No impossible to kill pokemon if you are caught with one you will be disqualified. Example: Shedinja skill swapped to have sturdy
  15. MININGLORD5672

    MININGLORD5672 Well-Known Member

    Toxic, will o wisp, stealth rocks tho ._. Also mold breaker =P
  16. Demonic_Paladin

    Demonic_Paladin Active Member

    impossible to kill with a direct attack*
  17. Akamaru_

    Akamaru_ Mod

    Adding 4 stacks of Rare Candies to the first place ^^
  18. ElectroAcnid

    ElectroAcnid Well-Known Member

    king stunfisk will be there to attend as well as the nobility of his kingdom

    nvm it’s on a monday for me so i cant attendd D:<
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  19. Lewis398

    Lewis398 Well-Known Member

    I'm in, I got 2 days to get a team ready
  20. MyLittleDinosaur

    MyLittleDinosaur New Member