Mythic to Master to Legendary Trade :D

Discussion in 'Trading' started by ForeverAva, Jul 10, 2018 at 2:51 PM.

  1. ForeverAva

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    My ign: ForeverAva
    Pokemon: Eevee egg 80%, Meloetta, Haxorus,Charizard,Dragonite,Dratini egg, Virizion, Manaphy, Latias, tornadus, victini, Xerneas, and Virizion.

    Money: 400k and 1500 tokens

    Items: Tms struggle bug, Fury cutter Energy ball, Quash, Nature Cutter, 2 stacks of rare candys, And a power band and exp share and exp all. also a Expert belt! im putting in Mega stones aggronite,Swampertite,Sableite, and Garchompite pinsirite, and Manectite. im also including all 11 fossils 2 fossil cleaners a Healer and a Fossil machine

    Please reply what u would like me too add if your thinking of buying it and if this isnt a good enough deal Please tell me if its not good or i need to add things i will say CLOSED in the replys once this has been bought ik that ive posted 2 dont look at those and forget about them ;D
  2. EnderGian

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    So is this a rankup to master or a rankup to master then to legendary
  3. ForeverAva

    ForeverAva Well-Known Member

    im mythic and i want a upgrade to master THEN Legendary :p
  4. ForeverAva

    ForeverAva Well-Known Member

    i knew this was confusing