New DP style vs. Old DP style

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Which Style do you like better?

  1. Old dispenser drops dp

  2. New command inventory dp

  1. NoisyPenguin

    NoisyPenguin Well-Known Member

    With the new DP that just happened for the server rollback, here's a poll that you can vote on and help show the staff which DP style the player-base likes more. If you vote, make sure to explain yourself in a comment so we can see your opinions ;)
  2. purplestarzone

    purplestarzone Well-Known Member

    id prefer the old one and i personalty never experienced the new style but it sounds laggy and less fun. the fun of it for me was seeing a item and trying to pick it up not to just have items in your inv. (i feel like this new style is also more work to setup). keep the old screw the new :p
  3. Hugamouse

    Hugamouse Zman'sTheMurderer

    The new one was no lag at all. Just the first half was everyone getting a hefty amount of set items, while the 2nd half was rarer drops in the normal DP room just as it was before. That way, everyone at least gets a set amount of items, and they don't feel like they lost out, while still getting the random chance for the rarer items.
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  4. Sanca_Tor

    Sanca_Tor Well-Known Member

    While I understand the excitement of chasing dropped items I also know the disappointment of getting very little and most of what I do get being worth very little while others get many rare and valuable things. The chasing items still happened as Hug said but only for the rare and high value drops, with the new method everyone gets at least a decent value from the drop party and you still get to chase the nice things for that thrill.
  5. ForeverAngel

    ForeverAngel AnGeL

    Yep i believe the new kind is easy so nobody lags or crashes while the staff are giving the Items out and everybody gets
    the same items but also gets to go to the dp and try to get the items in inventory if that makes sense...