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  1. TyranTrainer

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    So I was thinking about the server having a "Server Building Team". This will make big projects and projects in general much easier. I was thinking this because I have my own Building team and we would be more than happy to support the server with amazing builds. Also by rtp-ing literally everywhere on the map I've seen some incredible buildings/builders in diffrent building styles. I was thinking combining builders from various buildings styles into one team eg. Medieval, fantasy, modern, industrial, old-school etc. This would make the server alot more exiting if people could come across big cities in diffrent building styles that has been build by the "building team"
  2. NoisyPenguin

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    most of the staff does building plus schematica printer is allowed
  3. gamefish32

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    I actually really like this idea, and I feel it could help get community members even more involved and dedicated to the server.
  4. Hugamouse

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    You can go ahead and make cool places for players to see whenever you want, it doesn't need to be official to happen :p feel free to ask around and make your own team