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Discussion in 'Gym Leader Applications' started by pokerman99, Apr 15, 2015.

  1. pokerman99

    pokerman99 Well-Known Member

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  2. pokerman99

    pokerman99 Well-Known Member

    If you change your pokemon please post here with the correct names and levels of the pokemon.
  3. ladyskyewolfe

    ladyskyewolfe Well-Known Member

    Removed Gengar from team and have replaced it with a lvl 70 Espeon
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  4. ladyskyewolfe

    ladyskyewolfe Well-Known Member

    Espeon lvl 70, Mew lvl 70, Starmie lvl 70
  5. Flarkinater

    Flarkinater Well-Known Member

    I'm switching out my level 20 Solrock for a level 20 Lunatone
  6. MaxuM89

    MaxuM89 Well-Known Member

    My team (Fire Gym) is:
    - Moltres - Level 80
    - Volcarona - Level 80
    - Chandelure - Level 80

    All the best
  7. Caill0uSwag123

    Caill0uSwag123 Well-Known Member

    Switching out my Reuniclus to a lvl 70 Slowking.

    Team is now:
  8. MaxuM89

    MaxuM89 Well-Known Member

    Putting Entei on the team, removing Chandelure.

    New Team:

    All the best
  9. MaxuM89

    MaxuM89 Well-Known Member

    Also replacing Volcarona for Charizard.

    All the best
  10. Caill0uSwag123

    Caill0uSwag123 Well-Known Member

    Putting a Mewtwo on my team to replace Alakazam.

    Team is now:

  11. Worldfrog

    Worldfrog This is how you change it froggo

    change tentacruel lvl 30 to kingdra lvl 30
  12. mattattack

    mattattack Well-Known Member

    changing level 90 nidoking to level 90 mamoswine
  13. Iain_elda

    Iain_elda Simply Amazing

    Swapping out Krookodile lvl 90 For Groudon lvl 90
  14. Mariofan8989

    Mariofan8989 Member

    changed my jolteon to lvl 40 lanturn
  15. ElementalDog

    ElementalDog Well-Known Member

    Tropius is replaced with a lvl50 Torterra due to an unfortunate event.
  16. UmiMisuto

    UmiMisuto Member

    switching lvl 30 Prinplup for lvl 30 Swampert
  17. sterling987

    sterling987 Member

    Switching lvl 60 victreebel for lvl 60 gengar
    Team is now 60 gengar 60 drapion and 60 arbok
  18. fireburn_

    fireburn_ Well-Known Member

    Switching lvl 40. Luxray for Lvl. 40 lanturn
  19. Iain_elda

    Iain_elda Simply Amazing

    swapping Rhyperior for Lunatone
  20. Zigswag00n

    Zigswag00n Rude crude australian dude

    swapped venomoth for tentacruel