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    Hello everyone and Happy Holidays! Christmas is just around the corner and we’re getting extremely festive here on Pokeverse! I’m excited to announce that this year I will be hosting a Secret Santa event!


    Secret Santa is a fun way to share the holiday spirit with your fellow Pokeverse trainers! Everyone who signs up will get another trainer to give a secret gift to. In order to keep this a SECRET Santa, make sure you don’t notify your recipient who you are (until the gifting period if you so desire).

    1. You will receive a trainer to gift to. Make sure you keep in mind their interests when creating your gift.
    2. The gift must be server appropriate.
    3. The gift can really be anything you can imagine. From builds to gift boxes full of items, Pokemon, or even items from the Pokeverse store, be as creative as you want! (We suggest a maximum of $25-30 from the online store if you choose to go that route, but in the end, it is your decision if you wish to do more. You do not have to purchase from the online store).
    4. Make sure the gift has effort put behind it. This is the season of giving. No matter who you get to gift to, make sure that you do your best to make them have a lovely present for the holidays.

    If you would like to sign up, please PM NyaaImaKitty (Kat#7884) on Discord or reply to this thread with your in-game name! The sign up period ends Monday, December 10th, at 8 PM Central time.

    We will have plots to place the gifts in in the few days before gifting (we can use world-edit if they are builds), and we will have a quality check on the 18th to confirm that you are indeed working on a gift or have finished. This is to prevent anyone from not receiving a gift. You will need to contact NyaaImaKitty and either inform her of the coordinates of the gifts or send her a screenshot of your progress. The 22nd will be the final day you can work on your gifts. You will need to have them completed by Noon Central Time that day. At that point, NyaaImaKitty needs to know coordinates of your gift (items or builds) so it can be transferred to the gifting plots. (If you wish to give your gift personally or need to discuss other gifting locations, please contact Nyaa).

    If you have any additional questions feel free to ask NyaaImaKitty.

    Happy Holidays!
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    I'll join, Gingie_
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    o/ sign me up!! -ListenDown
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    Sounds fun!! Add me in. :D - BeckBert
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    Add me as wellll ~
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    ill be asleep by then ;-;
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    im innzzz sounds fun!
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    Sign me up Nyaa.
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    im not too sure if i can join but heres my user
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