PrimalMursh Left battle on Moltres

Discussion in 'Resolved Issues' started by Anonymous_Oreo, Sep 8, 2017.

  1. Anonymous_Oreo

    Anonymous_Oreo Well-Known Member

    Primal was catching a moltres and his battle glitched so he couldn't throw an mball so he ended battle and it despawned. I have a screenshot of it sitting on the shrine and him right next to it
  2. Dragirintos

    Dragirintos Well-Known Member Staff Member Helper

    It would be nice if you good place the screenshot in here
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  3. Hugamouse

    Hugamouse Zman'sTheMurderer Staff Member Admin

    I can get the Moltres to him if you can supply the screen :) I saw his orb and knew he was going for it, but the extra proof would be nice.
  4. Bear0111

    Bear0111 BatBear

    Any chance of a screenshot mate