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    Have you read and understood the terms above? : Yes, I have them thoroughly.

    Minecraft IGN: Sednaaaaaa

    Location and timezone: CST. The United States

    Age (age 14 minimum): I am 15.

    Interests: Helping people with personal or Academic problems, Socializing with others, anything with Music, Reading comics or Regular books, nerding out about certain things with friends, and Watching Gamers on YouTube.

    How much in-game play time do you have? : 6 days, 16 hours as of typing this.

    Do you have a mic? : Yes, I do.

    Are you an active user of Discord? : Yes I am very active on Discord.

    Referrers (people that suggested you become a helper): No one really, I decided on my own.
    How you could benefit the community? : I think I can help others with any glitches or any social issue. I have some experience of being a staff member on a server and I know how people should be treated and how to handle a bad situation.

    Why we should accept you? : I personally think I would be very helpful to everyone on the server. I've already help staff by letting them know any problems I've witnessed or have been apart of. I've had some past experience on different servers such as being a Gym leader on Spartan's Pixelmon (which is now closed) and was told I was one of the best, no to get conceded or anything. I will make sure our server is Fun and safe as far as the rules go.
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    Please give us an essay of the way our community works, a brief history of our server, and your knowledge of running a Minecraft server: Our Pixelmon community has grown quite a lot. I haven't been on this server for long to know it's starting date but I believe it was in early 2015. The server pack has 4 servers in total, which I have only explored 3 out of the 4. The purpose of these servers (my own personal opinion) are to let people connect and have fun while trying to Catch them all! All of our lovely staff members help in their own ways and are very kind about it. Keeping up the events for Regular players make it a fun community to be apart of!

    From helping 1 server grow (Not sure where it stands today If I'm honest) I can see it's very hard to keep the circuit going. From finding great staff members to making sure your community is both safe and fun to be apart of, the amount of work you need to do to grow one's server can be difficult to deal with but is very possible. Every server's Standards vary depending on the type of server, our server is meant to be PG. The making of the server itself I am not familiar with. It's either a "pay to run the server" kind of thing or "Code it."
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    You need atleast 100 words in both how you can benefit the community and why they should accept you, plus you need atleast 300 words in the essay of the community, history and knowledge of running a minecraft server :)
    Good luck with it though o/
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