Sumireko's E4 Champion Application (Recommended)

Discussion in 'Accepted' started by Sumireko, Feb 10, 2019.

  1. Sumireko

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    ~I was invited to apply by gamefish32~

    Minecraft Ingame Name:

    Discord Username: Allegor#7588

    Location and timezone:
    California, GMT -8


    How much in-game play time do you have?:
    15 days

    Are you an active user of Discord?:

    What Elite Four position are you applying for:

    Have you ever been banned/jailed?:
    No, I haven't.

    Why should we choose you to be a Elite Four leader? :

    Ever since I joined Pokeverse, I've been striving for having fun in the server by constantly challenging myself for many achievements. Now, I am a gym leader of six different gyms and I am having a lot of fun defending them.

    Defending all those gyms has taught me many valuable lessons about battling, such as the importance of bulky pokemons, methods of breaking through the opponent's walls, the appropriate uses of the damage reducing berries, and more.

    I believe it's time for me to put all of my accumulated knowledge about pokemon to a test. I am hopeful that my hard work on developing the skills for pokemon will show.

    If I am given the opportunity to become an E4 leader, I promise to help challengers with the rules and ideas for creating a great pokemon teams to battle against my team should they ask for an advice.

    I cannot believe that I’ve come this far to be applying for the E4 position… however, becoming the elite four champion does not mean that my challenges are over. I have yet to complete my pokedex, and I have yet to become an omnileader.

    The Pokeverse server and its community have my deepest gratitude for providing me a fun place to hang out with you all until now, and I hope to continue to have fun with everyone!

    Thank you!
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    Accepted, congratulations, just please keep me posted on your team, and if you wish to change it, feel free.