Sumireko's Rock Gym Application

Discussion in 'Pending' started by Sumireko, Feb 8, 2019.

  1. Sumireko

    Sumireko Member

    Minecraft Ingame Name:

    Location and timezone:
    I am currently in California, which is GMT -8.


    How much in-game play time do you have?:
    16 days

    Are you an active user of Discord?:

    What gym are you applying for:

    Have you ever been banned/jailed?:
    No, I haven't.

    What Pokemon are you planning on using, and what level are they?
    All pokemons are at level 20, with fully trained EV's and good IV's:
    • Aerodactyl
    • Lunatone
    • Sudowoodo

    Why should we choose you to be a gym leader? :

    I've been quite active in fulfilling the role of a gym leader in the server. I would like to provide a wider variety of gyms for the players to challenge and have fun!
    I am equipped with the knowledge of being a gym leader. (I already am a gym leader)
  2. Darkshadowb

    Darkshadowb Active Member

    Oof, I see that lunatone gotta be used :D
  3. Sumireko

    Sumireko Member

    Lunatone needs some love too :D
  4. DominusNoctem

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    Good luck Sumi!