!Talent of the Verses!

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    !Talent of the Verses!
    !Get Ready to show off your talents!

    This will be all through Discord

    Talent of the verses is coming "Wednesday 8th August" (3pm Central)
    Where you can show off your voice and try to win top prizes!
    You have the choice of 3 categories to compete in:

    1. Singing (can also be instruments)
    2.Comedy (jokes)

    (You don't need to make it Pokemon related if you cant think of something for it)

    3 judges will judge your performance and choose 2 of each category to move onto the finals
    Our judges our:

    Myself will be also judging but I will also be the cameraman recording throughout the show

    The finalists will give a second performance and the winner of each category will be chosen by the players
    Once a winner has been chosen for each category the event will finish with a bang (*cough* fireworks*)

    No interfering when someone is performing
    No rude remarks
    Make sure its PG on this christian servvveerrr ;3
    And lastly have fun \o/

    Whoever tries to break the rules will have our security guard to deal with ;3

    Whoever wants to be involved please get in contact with me and ill write you down o>
    Get your acts together people :cool: its showtime!
    Prizes are a secret and will be announced during the show :eek:
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Discussion in 'Events' started by white_wolf18, Aug 2, 2018.