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Discussion in 'Trading' started by natsent006, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. natsent006

    natsent006 Member

    Hello, I want to do a deal to upgrade from Challenger to Champion, which currently is 11,25$
    This is my offer:
    - 15.000,
    - Zapdos, Articuno, Moltres (added by irauhl)
    - 5 Stacks RareCandy's
    - 5 Stacks RareCandy's (added by irauhl)
    - 2 stacks tokens (added by irauhl)

    - See picture for the rest of the items

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  2. EnglishMilkman

    EnglishMilkman Want some MILK ?

    you're gonna need a lot more for an $19 trade
  3. natsent006

    natsent006 Member

    I know, more stuff hopefully will be added.
  4. irauhl

    irauhl sneaky little fox

    11.25 with discount :)
  5. EnglishMilkman

    EnglishMilkman Want some MILK ?

    I realised that after but couldn't edit it :p
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  6. natsent006

    natsent006 Member

    I am adding monster spawners to the trade. I have two So far but that will be going up.
  7. natsent006

    natsent006 Member

    NPCgoblin has donated 2 spawners 32 bottles of XP and an orb of frozen souls with 149 KO's needed to fill it.
  8. seantheripper999

    seantheripper999 Well-Known Member

    PM me in game and I'm sure I can throw in some stuff
  9. DarkVampy2017

    DarkVampy2017 FirstFairyTailGuildMaster Staff Member Mod

    I'll also add some stuff. Pm me in game as well Nat <3
  10. natsent006

    natsent006 Member

    Ok Seantheripper999 has donated:
    A stack of rare candies
    2 focus sashes
    A blastoisinite
    A slowbronite
    A scizorite
    A beedrillite
    A latiasite
    32 park balls
    and $25000

    Thank you Sean for the awesome donation!
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  11. natsent006

    natsent006 Member

    Vampy has donated:
    A stack of ultra balls
    3 master balls
    and a great key

    Thank you vampy for donating!
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  12. scorpion262

    scorpion262 Well-Known Member

    ill add a protean froakie and a magic guard abra, both are perfect ivs
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  13. AdventurerIX

    AdventurerIX We can get better, cause we're not dead yet!

    Nat talk to me later when your on I’m probably taking you up on this deal