Valentines Catching Contest

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By NyanCats911 on Feb 12, 2019 at 2:57 PM
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    Hiya guys, me again! This weekend we will be hosting a Catching Contest! The theme of this Catching Contest is Valentines Day/Love

    This event will take place on Saturday, February 16th, at 12 pm PST.
    A timer will be supplied down below to eliminate timezone confusions.

    Of course, as all catching contests go, you will be supplied special balls that you must use for this event. You may NOT alter the Pokemon in any way, shape, or form after catching them. You must present to the judges TWO Pokemon at the end of the contest that we will judge with secret point values! For this contest, you will try to find the Pokemon relating to the theme!

    A special 100% ivs shiny Valentine Themed pokemon! 300k and 3 master keys!
    2nd: Your winning pokemon turned shiny and 100% ivs, 150k 2 ultra keys!
    3rd: Your winning pokemon turned shiny, 100k, 2 great keys!

    All participants will get a participation award as well!

    I hope you guys enjoy!

    Message NyanCat#0583 on discord, or any senior staff if you have questions!​
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Discussion in 'Events' started by NyanCats911, Feb 12, 2019.