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    Hi Everyone!

    As we all know, ev training is a tedious process that forces us to battle countless pokemon to increase the effort values of our pokemon.
    However, with /warp ev, players who have donated to the community are able to access a structure where they can train their pokemon in specialized rooms.
    It has come to my attention however that there are a possible "upgrades" that could be made to the rooms.

    1. Having pokemon with the max evs possible for a stat be available in each room (e.g. Slowking/Slowbro instead of Slowpoke, or Typhlosion instead of Cyndaquil). This can help speed up the process, and further reward the players that have contributed to the community.

    2. Adding destiny knots into the /warp ev shop. With the new updates present, we are not able to craft many poke items anymore, the destiny knot included, and this makes them much harder to obtain. Since destiny knots are an integral part of breeding pokemon, adding them could be beneficial to players.

    3. Adding blisseys, chanseys, audinos, wigglytuffs, and other high xp yielding pokemon into the XP room. This one is more of an extension of what is currently being provided. The XP room currently has many high leveled pokemon, which when defeated will help level up your pokemon. The pokemon I mentioned are special in the way that they give more XP than many other pokemon, adding them will help trainers speed up the process of leveling up.

    Just a note: These are suggestions, meaning that I am open to amending anything, and none of these necessarily have to be added. If anyone also has other suggestions, adding them to the comments would help.

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  2. Madsi6

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    Just gonna post some feedback to your suggestions, just wanna say i do like them all, but there's a few things you need to keep in mind, plus i'll also add some potential solutions that could fix an issue or make things more convenient.
    1: While this would be good, if you're ev-training to anything else than 252 it wouldn't be that easy, unless you went ahead and planned out 7's and 3's as gain (7 with power item) and that's not really that great in my opinion, if they instead had let's say fully evolved pokes spawning with 3 evs, middle tier pokemons with 2 evs and lowest tier with 1 ev (not sure if there's any evolution like that gives this in each stat, but i'd be surprised if there wasn't)

    2: I'd rather add them to the dshop, since it's a shop meant for items for people who have donated, plus the current ev shop features ev-reducing and ev-gaining items, which are meant more towards ev-training than breeding.

    3: While i do like the suggestion, it still links in a bit with the first one, so their levels would need to still be 50-100 so people who take the time to grind instead of rare candy can actually get the levels they may want (personally don't recommend doing it this way since it's more risky, but you gotta take into account everybody)

    Again i like the ideas, but there's a few things i think may need some tweaks or adjustments.
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  3. Pawnboy1

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    Thanks for the tweaks :)

    Especially about #2, I think you're right, adding them to the dshop helps give access to more players. And possibly for the first one maybe just having those middle and higher evolutions, because then you would be able to get every number by taking off your power item if necessary.
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  4. Akamaru_

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    I agree partially with 1 however, there should be more 3 ev yield pokemon than 1 and 2, especially in the speed room as I don't believe any 3 ev yielding pokemon spawn, also the flying pokemon in the room tend to glitch out greatly.

    2. Agree entirely

    3. Wouldn't change much tbf
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  5. Puddle5672

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    For number 3. Instead trainers can just be put into there that have level 100 blisseys with toxic orbs and moves that dont do damage. They eventually struggle themselves and you get the exp. this was something players did in oras for secret bases
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