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By NyanCats911 on Jul 26, 2018 at 7:05 PM
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    Heya guys, hope yall have had a good week :)
    This weekend we will be mixing it up, event wise. We will be hosting a field day!

    The event will take place Saturday, July 28th, at 3pm PST(5pm Central)

    You and a random partner will work together to be the last ones standing in any of the four events we have!(Spleef, Parkour, TNTRun, or Bounce! If you and/or your partner are the last person alive in the arena, you both get a point! The top 3 teams will receive larger prizes, while everyone else will get a guaranteed participation award!

    No isolating(spleef), Cross-teaming, and no bounties on other players!


    Participate to find out!

    Hope to see you there! You can contact myself, or @firegecko115 if you have any questions!

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Discussion in 'Events' started by NyanCats911, Jul 26, 2018.