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  1. DarkVampy2017

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    Heya guys, this week for the first time ever, we will be hosting Connect Four!​

    It was built by me & tested by Laranlior!​

    This event will take place Saturday, June 2nd, at 11am PST (1pm Central, 2pm Eastern, 8pm Deutschland)

    This event will be tournament style. Please sign up by commenting down below. (multiple tournament style)


    Prizes 1st: 100% Random Shiny Pokemon, one stack of rare candies
    2nd: 80% Random Shiny Pokemon, 32 rare candies
    3rd: Random Shiny Pokemon, 16 rare candies

    Everyone else that participants will get 8 rare candies

    If anyone has questions, contact Laranlior, Hugamouse, or myself (DjRave #1666) on discord!​
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  2. wolvercotewonder

    wolvercotewonder Well-Known Member

    i haven't played connect 4 for ages xd, sounds like fun
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  3. Puddle5672

    Puddle5672 Your Boy

    Made one of these last reset. Deal
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  4. Itz_Your_Destiny

    Itz_Your_Destiny DesIsBetter Staff Member Mod

    Im up for it! Dont remember the last time I played the real thing.
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  5. EnderGian

    EnderGian Well-Known Member

    Sure. I'll try to join
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  6. NoisyPenguin

    NoisyPenguin Well-Known Member

    Sounds fun! Count me in
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  7. Shimmyz

    Shimmyz Well-Known Member

    i should be able to join
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  8. Zigswag00n

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  9. NyanCats911

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    Count me in :)
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  10. TheSexyFox

    TheSexyFox New Member

    I would like to sign up!
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  11. spitfire490

    spitfire490 Well-Known Member

    ill join finaly a weekend of no bothers
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  12. firegecko115

    firegecko115 Well-Known Member

    u want to sign up
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  13. firegecko115

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  14. APEGUTT13

    APEGUTT13 Active Member

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  15. EnglishMilkman

    EnglishMilkman Want some MILK ?

  16. Pawnboy1

    Pawnboy1 Well-Known Member

    This sounds fun! I'd like to join.
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  17. nikolai302

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  18. luca

    luca New Member

    I would like to register for the event my ingame name is DoctorEvoli
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  19. Akamaru_

    Akamaru_ Mod

    Sign me up m8
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  20. Mousemonster

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    not late
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