Weekly Events! - Parkour and Spleef!

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    Hey everyone!

    This week's event is going to be 1 hour Spleef/Parkour! The first half hour of the event we're going to do spleef, and the 2nd half hour we will host Parkour (using the normal rules).

    This event will be held on Sunday 14:00 Central.
    This event will be held on Sunday 21:00 CEST (EU)
    This event will be held on Sunday 20:00 GMT+1 (UK)

    The link below will help you to see when the event will start:

    The one that wins the most rounds, takes home the prizes! ;)

    1st prize: A Special Event title, $100,000 ingame money, 250 tokens, Shiny key
    2nd prize: $75,000 ingane money, 125 tokens, Master key
    3rd prize: $50,000 ingame money, 75 tokens, Ultra key

    And of course everybody that joins our weekly event gets a participation prize :D

    We'll see you sunday!

    If you have any questions regarding the Event, pm @irauhl on discord!

    -PV Staff
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    oof can't make it. Good Luck to other :)
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    My only question is..... my are all you staff memebers so awesome? Thank you for everything you do for us and this server :)
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