Weekly Events - Partner Spleef

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    Weekly Events – Partner Spleef

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    Hey guys, me again. This week, as the title suggests, I'll be hosting another high-demand event, partner spleef!
    Saturday 1st of December

    PDT - 2pm (Pacific Time)
    CDT - 4pm (Central Time)
    EST - 5pm (Eastern Standard)
    ADT - 5pm (Atlantic Time)
    AEST - 7am (Eastern Australia)
    AWST - 5am (Western Australia)
    CET - 11pm (Central Europe)
    Here are the rules and regulations:

    On the day of the event staff will provide everyone with a partner (staff choose), then we will run rounds of spleef and the team who wins the most rounds win the competition!

    First Place: Random Legendary, 2 Master Keys, 3 Shiny Keys and a God Shovel (EACH)
    Second Place: Random Legendary, 1 Master Key, 2 Shiny Keys and a God Shovel (EACH)
    Third Place: Random Legendary, 1 Master key and 1 Shiny Key (EACH)

    If you have any questions regarding the event please let me know!

    Thanks, and I hope to see you there,