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By Hugamouse on May 17, 2018 at 3:14 PM
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    Hey guys, this weekend is pretty full for me, so I'll be hosting an hour-long Spleef Tournament on Monday!

    This event will take place on Monday, May 21st, at 4 pm PST (6 pm Central)

    The rules are simple: It's hour long Spleef! No camping! Each round you win will get you a point, and the more points you get, the better the prize! The prizes will be kept secret for now, so just do your best to win as many rounds as you can! There will be participation prizes as well.

    Here is the twist! You will get a random partner at the start of the Tournament. As long as one of you survives, you both get a point! Teams will be chosen at random by me and the other staff. If at any point a team seems unfairly stacked, we will randomize again! We will also keep track of the top 3 individual point scorers, there may be an extra prize for them!

    If anyone has any questions, contact me on discord!

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Discussion in 'Events' started by Hugamouse, May 17, 2018.