2 pokemon bugs i noticed, might as well write here + a pokemon missing.


Apr 10, 2018
Hello, my ign is pvy3, and i noticed two bugs i assume, which i might as well specify here, for the record

First off, i noticed that whenever i bring my shiny (idk if its the same if its normal) lugia, and whenever i bring it out, it has a lower HP than it should (Being healed to the max). If it has 350 hp and i bring it out, it will have 250hp or 229 or 235. always lower..

Secondly, Regigigas has a bug with Heavy Slam (Heavy Slam inflicts more damage the heavier the user compared to the opponent.). Regigigas is weighting about 420kgs, and a charmander weights about 20. But the move does 0 damage everytime. Tried it with multiple (heavier or lighter) pokemons, and its still 0 damage. I don't know why, but yeah, that's a bug

Lastly, there has been a DP recently, where i won a random legendary and it was a non-shiny lugia. I wanted to sell it, and the server has the gts market place. I placed it there, like a lot of other people. Then the server had to do a restart, and all the pokemons in GTS vanished. not just mine. This has been a issue for a lot or people who lost shiny rarer legendaries or others, and it should get looked on.

Thank you for reading all of this, hopefully it will get fixed.
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