after reading the list of what i have to type

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Jun 2, 2018
ign: apegutt13
age: 14years
timezone is Central Europa
i will try my best to be on discord and i got a mic
my interest is playing games and have fun playing whit peoploe.
i have 25days and 16 hours of play time

before i start the essay im 2 meters from my screen so sorry if i type anything wrong.

i would do my best to answear all the questions People have about the server and other Things like give my suggestion ,help out whit events i will try my best to make everybody have fun to the best of what i can. i will try my best to be on atleast 2hours every day i will try to find cheaters and People who are doing Things that are not alowed on the rserver.

why you should Accept me: i will do everything in my Power to help everyone on the server to have it fun i will try to be on as much as i can . there is many other People who are better then me in this role but i would like to help the server as much as i can. whit finding hackers and People who dosent follow the rule book.

the communite Works whit that People help eachother out if anything is wrong and the People who grief and that get send out of the server we dont curs and wedontmake People lose hope in the server we will help as much as we can so everyone can do their best.i dont know so much about this server becuase i playied on endercraft before this server but the time i have been on here i have seen that many People is Nice and whanna help People. People meet New friend New rivals and many other Things many trolls and People get angry from restart other gets happy of it. i dont know really anything about running a server but thats not what im here for im here to help People on the server.

so the only thing i can say is that i will try my very best on this server if i become a helper thx for Reading over my application


May 28, 2018
good luck! all you have to do is type THAT essay part into the replies (with the 300 word minimum of course)


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Nov 25, 2016
I suggest taking some more time to think about what else you could say. Maybe including some examples or personal attributes to help out!
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Jul 11, 2015
Hello! Thank you for taking the time to apply for Helper!

Unfortunately, we are denying you application. I will go into further detail below.

We have noticed a lack of maturity, as well as activity. These are key components of being staff.
Also, as ForeverAngel said, not having the required word count is a automatic denial. I was hoping you would fix this but you havent, which also shows us staff a lack of drive and care for doing things properly.

Feel free to re-apply when you feel you have fixed the issues above

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