Ban Appeal

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May 15, 2019
What server did this take place on (eg. the server, discord, etc.): Pokeverse (
Type of appeal (eg. ban, jail, mute, etc.): Ban
Minecraft IGN: awesomejack18
Punishment reason: Disrespect staff and players
Who issued the punishment (if known): I am not sure
Date/time punishment was issued: 5/16/2019
Why you think we should lift the punishment for you: I was banned for when a player typed **** when he implied a swear word, I said that he was going to get a 6 hour ban from the mod (The mod said that earlier, so I just stated what he said). Other than that I was talking to the admin about why we cant say things like Communism (he explained it so I dropped the topic) The mod didn't warn me or anything when I typed to the other player that he would get a 6 hour ban from saying that, and went right to the ban. I haven't played pixelmon in a long time and this was the first server I joined, it has been a lot of fun, and I wish to rejoin and continue playing, but at the end of the day, I am still not sure how it was staff AND player disrespect when I said nothing disrespecting any players. Thank you for your time, and I would love to rejoin this server.


May 2, 2015
Hello. Thanks for taking the time to appeal.

The reason you got banned was for not following the rules after being told MANY times. You were warned. Someone in the chat had previously swore and you copied them. Although you claimed it was a "fake sware", we consider it to be the chat filter blocking what you have said.

Appeal accepted.
Have a nice day/night :)
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