Ban Appeal


New Member
May 13, 2020
What server did this take place on (eg. the server, discord, etc.): PokeVerse
Type of appeal (eg. ban, jail, mute, etc.): Ban
Minecraft IGN: yessur
Discord username (eg. Shmeeb#4352): clout#9199
Punishment reason: "Possession of inappropriately named items and maps."
Who issued the punishment (if known): Grant
Date/time punishment was issued: 9/18?/2020
Why you think we should lift the punishment for you: I've been playing PokeVerse for about 7 months now. I have accumulated well over 20 days in game and have not regretted one bit. The one thing I love about PV is the community. Even if I take a break from minecraft, I end up going right back to PV, no other server. I've made countless amount of friends and countless amount of memories during my time on the server. I was previously banned for inappropriately named items and I knew after I got unbanned I was on a slippery slope, so I tried everything I could to not get banned again. I put most of my ignorant past behind me and tried to become a better player. I never talked in chat before the ban, but after I actually started talking in chat and enjoying myself even more. I honestly don't know what items/maps I was banned for exactly, but I'll tell you that I won't ever make/collect inappropriate items again. I cherish the time I spend on PV with my friends and I hope to be able to do that for hopefully another 7 months and maybe longer. Thank you.


Mar 8, 2019

Thank you for taking the time to appeal

You were banned a second time for breaking the rule "No inappropriate builds or topics" in addition to the rule "Use common sense and do not disrupt another player's experience "

You were previously warned multiple times about having inappropriate builds and map arts/items. Due to this, you were banned a second time. I understand that you love the server and the player base and the community, etc, but continuously breaking the rules isn't a good way to keep playing on the server and continue enjoying the community. You were indeed on a very steep slope when you got unbanned, which is why you were banned easily a second time. You didn't seem to learn from your past ban or your mistakes so you will not be unbanned immediately. However, your appeal seemed to be genuine, as you did state that you wont ever make and/or collect inappropriate items again. If you continue to break anymore rules/the same rule, you're punishment might worsen even more. Ill be accepting your appeal, and you will be unbanned in 2 weeks from tomorrow, on October 9th at 2:30pm CT.

When you get unbanned, you should search all of your chests for anymore inappropriate items and if you find anything, you need to turn it into a staff member immediately or risk further punishment.

Appeal Accepted