DominusNoctem's Ground Elite 4 Application

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Dec 1, 2018
South Korea -> Washington State
Minecraft IGN: DominusNoctem

Location and timezone: South Korea (KST, +9)

Age: 17

How much in-game play time do you have: 9 days 20 hours

Are you an active user of Discord: I believe that I am consistently active!

What Elite Four position are you applying for: The Ground Type E4 Position

Have you ever been banned/jailed: I've unfortunately been acquitted for ignorantly using an AFK machine

Why should we choose you to be an Elite Four Leader?:
I seem to be writing a great deal many applications lately. Some would wonder if this continuous spree of attempting for more responsibility is a sign of irresponsibility. After all, a person can only do so much at a time right? Well, while I do acknowledge the fact that this could be a possible strain upon me, I would also like to believe that I would not ask for such responsibility if I did not believe I could handle it. I am on for most of the day, for a few hours each between intervals, completing my obligation as a gym leader and contributing to the community as best as I can. All while enjoying the many fine aspects of the server of which I admire, and having a good time in general. While I cannot assert my popularity, I have hope that at least a few people hold me in a positive light. And while I dare not boast of whatever skill I possess in battling, many of the fine battlers I admire on the server have given me words of both praise and encouragement. I am not what I am without the people there, the community there to support me.

I believe that I could do it. That I could act as a member of the Elite 4, and that I could fulfill my duties faithfully and do a good job of it. I'm confident that while I may not be the best, the strategies that I've prepared and the Pokemon that I've trained for the purpose of the Elite 4 role will be enough to be a true test of one's knowledge of Pokemon Battles. The members of my team will each represent a specific aspect of battling, from hazards to the importance of held items. I'll be prepared for anyone, anything, with the intent of expanding the skills of my challengers, and offering myself as a milestone for the ultimate victory.

I really do love Pokemon battling. As mentioned in previous applications, I've been to many offline events and have a brief period of professional Pokemon battling. I believe that I'll continue to love and appreciate Pokemon and the competitive aspects of it, for as long as I can see in the foreseeable future. I've collected each and every Gym Badge of the server, and can say that I've been able to face a lot of different battle styles from all of the leaders.

My name is DominusNoctem, and I thank you for your consideration.
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Oct 10, 2018
Good luck dom, I vouch for this guys gym team, as his battle strat is absolute beast. He is an amazing battler who will definitely put up a tough battle if not an already impossible one.
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Jul 3, 2016
Please also send team information to gamefish32#3200 on Discord :D New requirement
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