DominusNoctem's Helper Application

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Dec 1, 2018
South Korea -> Washington State
Have you read and understood the terms above: Yes, I have read the terms above and understand.

Minecraft IGN: DominusNoctem

Location and timezone: South Korea, KST (+9)

Age: 17 as of November 17th, 2018

Modest Fashion (with relatively simpler tastes: UNIQLO works)
Writing (of all forms)
Reading (of all genres: My favorite book is Game of Thrones)
Music (Eminem, JENNIE, Alessia Cara [recent] are all amazing artists)

How much in-game play time do you have?: 8 Days. 18 Hours.

Do you have a mic?: Yes, I currently use the mic within my laptop, but have the capacity to purchase a separate one if the sound quality is insufficient

Are you an active user of Discord?: Yes, I believe that I can be considered active. I regularly check the discord via the app throughout the day.

Referrers: I am grateful for the referral from 'gamefish32'

How you could benefit the community
I live in an interesting timezone. One which has me online when most other staff members are asleep. Actually, my schedule is quite free at the moment, so I'm online most of the day. For starters, while I do enjoy a variety of games to play, the only online one that I frequent is Pixelmon, Pokeverse in particular. I enjoy playing, so I'm constantly on.
As a player, it's been a little over a month since I've joined. I remember getting my Totodile and not knowing what to do for days. I even recall Scare being a great help to me the first day or two, before he was even a Helper. I'm grateful for that. I respect that. I look up to that. I want to be a reliable source of help.
And I think that I could benefit this server, this community, by following through with my goal of wanting to be a reliable source of help, by being a consistently active yet reliable member of staff who is accessible by anyone.

Why we should accept you:
I've always been the type of person who values organization. I hold in high regard the positive effects of discipline, and so conduct myself appropriately to the best of my abilities. After all, regardless of one's position in life, discipline is almost mandatory for the forging of lasting, meaningful relationships with anyone and everyone.
I have seen several occasions of blatant misuse of power, both in the virtual world and our own. Once given the means to incredible power, it's up to one's own discipline to make sure they use this great power for their greater responsibilities. This is the lesson I've learned from my short 17 years of existence. If ever I am entrusted to act as a servant of the people and the players, I hope to prove my conviction and devotion to my beliefs by upholding them to their very fundamental elements.

I've admittedly only ever held a staff position once in my life. I attribute this to the adoration I held in my heart for that server, and the people. Once my time there came to an end, I could no longer bring myself to have the same kind of affection for any other server. After all, I had given my all, my sweat and tears were devoted to my job there. And so, years have passed with a repetitive pattern of searching for what I'd been missing, and being disappointed. It's understandable, yet depressing all the same. I couldn't bring myself to be attached enough to settle down, anywhere.

Pokeverse has shown me much. I've had my fair share of ups and downs during my brief yet memorable time here. I've met great people. Great frogs who are clearly inferior to Destiny(<3). And made amazing friendships. I feel an attachment. I feel, that I can do better here than anywhere else. I believe this is why I should be accepted. My convictions. My devotions. And my affections.

Working hard is a given. I will be sure to uphold my beliefs on responsibility while also actively integrating myself into this server more and more as an active member, and a reliable link to the staff should I ever be accepted.

Please give us an essay of the way our community works, a brief history of our server, and your knowledge of running a Minecraft server:
I acknowledge the fact that, as memorable as it was, my overall experience on the server can be considered short. That is why I would like to focus my essay on the aspects of the server of which I have had more experience in dealing with: The Economy and the System.

While the image of the server, and the specific mechanics have long since differed from what I've been told of the old days of 2015, my interest lies more in the recent updates which have brought changes to the system. Many of these changes have had impact on the economy as a whole. The Nexus, and the Town Nexus are good examples of this. With the addition of these purchasable warps scattered throughout the world, mobility and accessibility for the average player, the Public, has increased significantly. No longer is competition for access and control over certain biomes a major factor in the economy. This change works surprisingly well with the main methods of obtaining money for players: those being the completion of the Pokedex and the Gym Challenge, the former more so than the latter. The Pokedex filling challenge, long since scoffed at by console Pokemon players, is being actively pursued by the community for the opportunities it provides. Opportunities for a starting investment that will kick-start their entry into our economy, provide the funds necessary to actively use the Nexus system for enrichment. This is what I admire about our community. As much as financial matters play a huge role, and everyone is a competitor in a sense, it's still Pokemon. People train together, catch, and trade. We have fun. We play minigames together. We congratulate each other for achievements, and wish good for others. The many scratches of imperfection cannot taint this core of companionship. A mutual companionship, shared by everyone.

Finally, I must move on to presenting my knowledge on the running of a Minecraft server. On the more technical side of things, I must confess to a more limited bank of knowledge. Instead, I believe that my strengths lie more in knowledge of Pokemon, and my faith in my ability to provide this knowledge in digestible chunks to those who seek it. I proudly have spent a few months as a professional Pokemon gamer, and have accumulated an understanding for the mechanics of it that can come from experience and effort. This experience may mean nothing for any other Minecraft server, but I believe that it would be important for someone acting as Helper in a primarily Pixelmon-running server.
As mentioned above, I also have experience as a staff member in a different server. Due to obvious reasons, I believe it would be unwise to provide the name of this server. However, I am confident in my ability to familiarize myself with the tools necessary for the smooth running of a server. Tools entrusted to Helpers to be used for the benefit of the players. Tools given with trust, and responsibility.

I thank you for reading my application. And I thank you for your consideration.

~DominusNoctem 1-06-2019~


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Oct 10, 2018
Good luck. Idk if I can add a referral but if yes I'd like to refer him. Amazing person!
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