Fighting gym application

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Dec 30, 2018
Minecraft IGN: Darkshadowb

Location and timezone:New Zealand, UTC +13

Age: 18

How much in-game play time do you have?
: 15 days 9 hours

Are you an active user of Discord?: As much as i'm able too!!

What gym are you applying for: The fighting Gym

Have you ever been banned/jailed (yes/no) (if yes, why)?
No i'm a good boi and will continue to stay that way :D

What Pokemon are you planning on using, and what level are they?:
The team that i will be using will be
Blaziken (level 60) (Complete)
Lucario(level 60) (Complete)
Scrafty (Level 60) (Breeding)

Why should we choose you to be a gym leader:
I am a Kiwi that is already a Gym Leader for multiple gyms. I make sure i cover my weaknesses, and
also don't go down without a fight...


Hope you will take my application into consideration, thanks. :(
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