Flying Type gym leader application

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Apr 6, 2019
Minecraft IGN: The_Flame4234
Discord username: The Flame4234
Location: United States
Timezone: Central
Age: 21
Play time: 7 days, 21 hours
Active on Discord: No
Gym: Flying
Jailed: Yes, Inappropriate Build (was never told what the build was)
Pokémon: Ninjask level 40, Talonflame level 40, Mega Aerodactyl level 40
Why: I've been on the server for around maybe 3 months now and feel like I have a god idea on how to be a good gym leader, I've played pokemon since Diamond came out, Willing to accept any fair challenge, Willing to be active in chat, I've played on another pixelmon server before and was a gym leader on there, I'm usually on the server everyday, Not sure that it really matters but I've completed 85% on the dex, I've already got my team set up and ready to go, I feel like the different typings bug, fire and rock will pose a challenge for players who challenge the gym
Not open for further replies.