Freedom, Deliverance, Prosperity: Paracelsius' Omni Leader Application


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May 19, 2020
I have been freed from purgatory.

Honestly, it was a wild ride, from that insane low and the subsequent actions that followed. My motivation was shattered, my passion crushed, like sand siphoning between my fingertips, out of my grasp. Perhaps, from that point onward I had decided to be the community that I had so longed for, and that change led to me where I am now, sitting beneath the throne of many, but standing beside them as they reach heights I dreamed of soaring. Congratulations to everyone.

I will stick true to my word, and go for the gold, the promised land, the initial goal I had fumbled on so long ago: OmniLeader. If you read my fighting gym application, one would know that I have had these teams sitting in my box for a while now, albeit some last minute changes as I managed to find some great alternatives that could only come with the passage of time. Perhaps during that low, the teams taunted me within my box, reminding me of a passionate month of fire all gone to waste, planning and building and scurrying away like a madman. During my climb, it served as a motivation to become the person I had thought of myself as before, but in reality was nowhere near. The illusion was shattered, and the fragments were left for me to pick up and piece back together.

Thank you to Boosted. I love you I love you I love you. Thank you for giving me a second shot, for believing in me as I work hard to fix the broken wounds I have caused. Thank you to cheese for helping me finish the gym guide, a passion project I had long believed to have been defunct, and to everyone in between who got me to this point.

Thank you to Flamingack, Hauntly31, Pifessional, MastersMM and others for reviving my passion in the gyms. Without you all this old geezer would have stayed retired.

And thank you for reading this short and sentimental introduction to my application.


Minecraft IGN: Paracelsius
Discord username (ex: Shmeeb#4352): Perry The Platypus#8105
Location and Timezone: NA (EST)
Age (age 12 minimum): 18
How much in-game play time do you have (type /playtime - minimum 48 hours required)?: 32d 14h 11m (#8 on Playtime top)
How many Gyms do you currently host for the server?: Fighting, but originally Ghost, Flying, E4 Fighting/Ghost
Are you an active user of discord (yes/no)?: A bit too much for my own good
Have you ever been banned/jailed (yes/no) (if yes, why)?: Confront softlee for context

What Pokemon will you be using for each team? Please make sure they are trained well.

Look: I had it all on this cool application but I literally passed the word limit so all of the teams will be in the Google Doc below. I apologize for the inconvienence.


Why should we accept you as an OmniLeader (100 words minimum)?
I Say this once and I will say this again, I believe to be a thoroughly qualified for the job when it comes to handling a gym. The interserver tournament placings, being the furthest upon this reset (JaceCSM Cheating with old reset Prestige6) in regards to gym progress at Prestige3, and my placement upon the Gamefish S1 Playoffs should be indicative of some metric of skill. On top of that, I am someone that I hope people recognize and trust, and am working hard to regain that component. As one of the leaders of TRS, I have helped create a guild which servers as a part of the community and have organized people and projects together for the betterment of the server and it's members. My activity is also up to par, and being top 10 on playtime top in the likes of staff and Ched is nothing to be scoffed at, you need not worry about me logging in enough hours. Finally, and perhaps the biggest reason, is a drive to be there for the people handling the gyms.

What does being a Gym Leader, including OmniLeader, mean to you (200 words minimum)?
Look, I have rambled on and on in various applications and conversations about how much of a gym nerd I am. These gyms are some of the life blood of the server and give it the challenge and spark that can keep me coming back, even if I feel worn out on the whole building or other aspects of the game. Being able to see that grand building, the darklit room of the Dark Gym, the Power Facility of the Electric Gym, and the cave of the E4Champion, looking forward and seeing that gym leader face straight at you, ready to take you on at your best. It's just exhilarating. Every celebrated win or grueling loss, you end up craving for more, and the rewards are amazing as well, incentivizing new members to take this grueling challenge on. It's a process that is and deserves to be celebrated.

I have met so many amazing people through my time as a gym leader. I remember the times where Taco would attempt the Ghost Gym over and over, with me giving words of encouragement as he slowly adapted his team to eventually best another Ghost Leader who was unlucky enough to face him at his prime. I remember the Flying gym and promptly getting bodied by a rain team, which I then adapted my set to. Seeing people like w8ting and Saucey go through and steamroll with their immense depth of knowledge and creativity, and being astonished at the crazy sets they would bring. Cheering for Waffle as he attempted the E4 Water&Psychic guy for the 18th time, Fending off Ender as he threw himself at the E4 Gym over and over and over until he finally beat me: it all felt so thriving and real, and I cherish every little memory that stems from my experiences as a leader.

I have put countless hours into a Gym Guide, which I will plug again and again, with the hope that some player will stumble across it and discover the treasure trove of knowledge that lies within. Many conversations with fellow leaders, or prospective battlers, giving advice on how to approach the building and battling process, led me to centralizing my knowledge in this outlet. I hope that beyond my meager words, the Guide serves as a culmination of my drive and passion towards the Gym Leader, and perhaps this OmniLeader position as well.

I love gyms. They mean the world to me.
For Freedom, We are Given Deliverance, Which we Lead to Prosperity.
- Paracelsius

. I love you Ched, wherever you are.