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Dec 4, 2018
Have you read and understood the terms above (yes/no):Yes
Minecraft IGN:KingKjh
Location and timezone:Scotland, GMT
Age (age 14 minimum):Just turned 14
Interests:Xbox, PC And Animals
How much in-game play time do you have (type /ru check)? 4 days and 18 hours
Do you have a mic (yes/no): Yes
Are you an active user of Discord (yes/no)?Yes Im on it Everyday
Referrers (people that suggested you become a helper):Robbertn, HotChocolate and Elle
How you could benefit the community (100 words MINIMUM):i will try to make the community better, By trying to stop toxic people people that are rude and try to make the server keep at its best :)

Why we should accept you (100 words MINIMUM):Because i want a change ive never been staff before on anything and i want to see what its like and help other people, give back to the community like what staff have done before like helping me out.

Please give us an essay of the way our community works, a brief history of our server, and your knowledge of running a Minecraft server (300 words MINIMUM):the main thing about a server is keeping everyone nice on it, keeping it calm and try to make it fun as possible for people.


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Jul 11, 2015
Hiya! Thank you for taking interest in applying for Helper! Unfortunately your paragraphs are not the minimum length, please fix that asap, and good luck!
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Sep 7, 2016
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As Nyan said, thanks for your interest in the staff team. :) Your application is being denied for now though. It's been a bit since you joined the server, and it's well known that you didn't have the best first impression.

We feel though that your behavior has greatly improved since your first day, and it really shows in chat. We feel though, that you could improve so much more in so many areas with help. We hear that you're getting the help you need with these areas, and we're grateful to you for that.

We believe that you need more time within the community, to grow and mature, and develop the necessary skills to be a well-rounded staff member. These skills will take time, but we believe you're capable of it in the future.

Keep up the good work, and feel free to reapply when you're ready. :)
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